Growing small business and minimising growing pains

As a small business that identified the massive shift of manual input to technology-oriented input. We continually study the market and innovate the best services and tools to solve IT problems. Becoming a HubSpot Partner was a critical step in providing holistic information management solutions for small and medium Australian businesses.

Our strategy entails offering you quality end-to-end solutions and providing you with the best knowledge in HubSpot integration technology. Our key focus is to help you improve your customers experience.

We are not a typical marketing agency that provides the marketing strategy. Rather, we ensure a ubiquitous integration between HubSpot and your existing CRM.

HubSpot CRM

Through our partnership, we deliver beautiful integrations to HubSpot Free CRM . Customers are the core aspect of the business; they determine success or failure. Poor customer service has cost brands 60% of consumers.

Excellent customer service and engagement have helped other brands gain 50% higher revenues and sales. We pride ourselves on the fact that our customer service is timely and approachable. This is the foundation of any step we make to offer you the best solution.

CRM aids your company to have a central database that stores information. We seek to centralise the pre-existing situation of customer information being spread out in multiple sectors of the organisation.

A central database allows your business to access customer data at one click. This includes reviews, feedback, contacts, and interaction events. All this information provides a real time pulse on your customers and prospects. Data is necessary to adjust any business aspect to ensure customers have a positive experience, driving business growth.

CRM is your dedicated customer tracking software. It gives you a detailed history of your customer relationships. Your past customers are equally as important as your current customers. Previous customers may often want to repurchase a product, or customers that had viewed a product in the past may be ready to buy.

CRM also gives you immediate access to client status. Client status includes the customer’s level of interest as they move through your funnel, determined by the customer’s interaction with the website or social media platforms. It will also give insight into lost clients to constantly improve your customer journey.

You can automate and organise your customer tasks in a central place. With this, you track your emails and arrange tasks about the inbuilt CRM calendar. Proper organisation is a factor that will always ease your business processes. Our solutions are designed to minimise the mindless data entry that slows your sales team down from delivering real results.

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HubSpot Sales

Sales people shouldn’t be slowed down by clunky systems and processes. Hubspot Sales tools provides a ubiquitous integration into your sales process to capture the data quickly and easily as it happens. HubSpot Sales Hub will automatically gather public domain information about a customer based on their website domain – cutting down data entry time significantly.

Emails and phones calls can be logged for customer contact as it happens with minimal effort.

Each touch point is an important part of moving through your sales pipeline and enhancing the growth of your business.

Setting reminders and tracking deal process at a high level that takes minimal time, yet provides management the forecasting data they crave is simple.

Having an understanding of how your customer is reviewing your emails, documents and quotes keeps you one step ahead. Being prepared for that incoming phone call through with analytics and alerts on activity.

Building templates and automated touch points is quick and easy to save time, keep on brand and provide your prospects with an amazing experience.

HubSpot Marketing

Content marketing is the new king of business development. Being able to communicate to the customer and provide value at scale using automation is key. HubSpot has all the tools you need to communicate with known prospects, and nurture them through your buyers journey.

As they move through your funnel, the handover of information from Marketing to Sales, and Sales to Service is easy. Full communication history is kept with the customers account to seamlessly keep your staff on the same page without having to provide lengthy ongoing internal handovers.

Included is the ability to integrate live chat on your site to provide additional contact points, again with seamless integration to the rest of the suite. Build amazing landing pages and forms without having to code through the drag and drop editors. Empower your marketing team to do more in-house without technical intervention.

Marketing automation software HubSpot is the market leader. Book a HubSpot free demo today!

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HubSpot Service

Keeping your customers happy with the HubSpot Service Hub is a breeze. All the familiar touch points are available to your customers to continue the experience.

Your service team will love the simple, yet feature rich experience to communicate with customers and get a high level overview of the tasks at hand.

Third Party Tools

HubSpot API is an extremely powerful way to connect HubSpot to third party applications and ensure the flow of data fits in with your business operations.

HubSpot to Power BI is a common integration that we see, receiving the data from HubSpot and connecting it to other applications to provide tangible data visualisation. You can connect almost any data source to Power BI.

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Our Customers Engagement Strategy

While delivering our services, we like to ensure our customer service is the best in the business, following series of steps;

  • We listen. Giving our clients a listening ear has been quite effective in pleasing our customers.
  • Fast response. We have a huge amount of experience, backed by extensively automated processes and procedures that enable us to move fast.
  • No two businesses are the same. Personalised service with amazing results.
  • We solicit feedback from our customers and use it to improve our services.
  • Accountability and responsibility. We treat your business like our own. Trust is key.
  • We consult our customers about their strategies and their goals.
  • We will (respectfully) challenge your thinking, provide fresh ideas and a different perspective to help you improve.

We will protect your business, automate your work processes, provide you tangible outcomes that exceed your expectations.

We are not just a HubSpot agency, but a technology company that has the desire to provide end to end integration services from current systems and processes (technological or manual).

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