Growing small business and minimising growing pains

If you found yourself reading this, youre probably one of those entrepreneurs whos at their wits end asking themselves why they must spend countless hours working on puzzling excel files and piles of documents when you have more important things to do. And this is the very reason why we exist  so you can focus on doing what youre good at, and what matters to you.

Online Booking

The thrill of getting a call from a client who wants to hire you because of your expertise. The thrill that turns to dread when you realise you will be tied to the phone for the next 30 minutes, trying to work out a date and time that would fit both of your schedules. Or worse, losing a customer just because you couldn’t come to the phone when it rang! 

ServiceM8 streamlines this for you with automated online booking, so while you’re also working on projects that have already been booked, you’re locking in future work without lifting a finger. This doesn’t just save you time, but it also saves your customer’s and gives them a better experience. 


It’s fun to work with people, and it’s extremely fulfilling to see your team grow in number. This also means that the business is growing, and you will be able to accept more projects. At the same time, assigning tasks and keeping track of who’s in-charge of which can be quite confusing, and may take ages to figure out and organise. 

With ServiceM8, this is something you never have to worry about. You won’t need whiteboards and diaries. Instead, you will have a modern, simple scheduling system that allows you to see your entire staff in a single view, wherever you are. Just drag and drop the tasks onto your members, and you’re done! Plus, your members will be automatically notified of their tasks so they can go to that next roof or pool maintenance booking on time. 

Job Management

Now everything is set and you’re ready to start the project. You go on about your day doing each task, creating a mental note for each one you’ve finished. Only to find out, at the end of the day, when you’re about to go home, that you forgot to install a pipe or lighting. 

Our job management feature enables you to ensure that each project is done right no matter how complex things get. All you need to do is create a checklist and you will see which tasks have been completed, and which ones still need to be done – all in real time. 


One of the many pitfalls of a growing business is having no standard way of communicating with both the staff members and clients. Failure to communicate effectively will create confusion within the team, which will lead to projects going wrong or taking too long to finish. Poor communication also makes your customers think that you have poor company culture and may doubt your credibility. 

ServiceM8’s integrated instant messaging promotes efficient communication among all your staff members, which help you navigate any situation with ease, and build a team that talks and helps each other. We will also help you provide professional SMS and emails to your customers with all their replies in one coherent space. 

Quoting & Invoicing

One of the many mistakes small business owners make is not automating their invoices. Because of this, a lot of issues may arise such as failing to include important details of the project, sending invoices late and forgetting to send an invoice altogether. 

ServiceM8 will take care of all these for you and more. We will help you create simple, professional, and detailed invoices, that you can send to your customer even when you’re still on site. Adding materials to the invoice won’t be a problem either with our barcode scanning feature. We can also send your clients links to outstanding invoices to make sure you get paid for what you worked hard on. 


A job isn’t fully done until our clients have paid for our services, and payment processing is undoubtedly one of the most crucial parts of ensuring a successful job. But most business owners just leave it up to the customers to figure out how to make the payment, not knowing that it is an integral part of customer experience. One that might even make or break your future transactions with your clients. 

Here, we promise to make it easy not just for you, but also for your customers. ServiceM8’s mobile card and online payment processing will make payments a breeze for your customers. They can pay seamlessly using their credit or debit cards. They can even use Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Microsoft Pay. Whatever payment method they choose, you got them covered. 

Electronic Forms

Creating, filing, and sorting site audit and inspections reports, and compliance and safety assessment documents is a daunting task and may take ages to finish. It takes up too much of your time, and too much space on your desk. 

With ServiceM8’s electronic forms creator, you can now create any type of document that your business needs, and immediately turn them into professional PDF reports. This will greatly reduce paper and printing cost and improve housekeeping of all important documents. You’ll never have to worry about losing a file or going through a mountain of documents ever again! 

Asset Management

Manually tracking assets is a slow, painful task that not only takes too much time, but also leads to inaccurate inventory, poor maintenance, and increased safety risk. Over time, all these will cost you more money, or worse, it may cost you your business itself. 

Our powerful asset management tool lets you easily track, install, service and inspect not just your own assets, but also your customer’s. It will evaluate existing assets and send you an automated notification once an inspection follow-up is needed –all without lifting a finger.


Cant find what youre looking for? No problem. ServiceM8 has tons of add-ons you can choose from so you can customise your system and make sure it suits your business needs as it continues to grow. We have Xero integration for your accounting needs, Mail Chimp for creating email newsletters, customer feedback feature to build your brand reputation, and many more! 


We get it. Moving away from the traditional way of doing business and transitioning into using advanced systems can be a scary concept. But ServiceM8s help centre, and email and chat support are here to help you shorten the learning curve for a smooth and easy transition. We also have a structured series of videos and articles for your reference, and our partner networks can fast-track your setup, and provide professional consultation and training. 


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