Website Design

Qamba employs a 5-step process that allows us to better help you in designing, building and then deploying a website that perfectly fits your brand, your business needs and your objectives whilst being functional and user-friendly.


It is our pleasure and responsibility to get to know you and your business to make sure that your website aligns with your brand guidelines (including fonts and colour schemes), your current customers and your target audience. This makes sure that you hit your specific business needs and objectives in order to reach your target audience.


With the data we’ve gathered, we create an action plan that will make sure we successfully promote your products and services, therefore reaching your target audience. We will also make sure that your site caters to customer requirements so it leaves a great first impression and encourages customers to explore it more.


We have a professional User Experience (UX) team that will get the look and feel of your brand guidelines down to a T. We make sure that core elements are included when conceptualising designs to ensure a great outcome that meets your business needs.


Our developers and coders start working to bring your project to life once the designs are finished. WordPress is our core CMS web platform that ensures you are getting the world’s best practices.


The last step is deploying your website for the whole world to see. Once that is done, we immediately implement critical post-deployment initiatives such as executing SSL certification, Google analytics, captcha setup, premium caching plugin, and anti-spam filters to minimize unnecessary email from the site.